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모닝 단어

빨래할 때 주의하세요: Be careful when you do the laundry.
쫙 빼입었구나: You all dressed up.
잘 어울린다: goes well
유행이 지났다: old fashion, out of style
옷이 너무 야하다: loud
garment: 의복, 긴 웃옷
outfit: 여성 의상
gear: 기능성 옷
suit: 정장
dress up: 갖춰입다

스크린 잉글리쉬

할아범: tell your old grandfa. What’s on your mind~?(무슨 생각하니?) I know somnething is.
꼬마: I want to have a big advanture.
all for(대찬성) <-> against

팝스 잉글리쉬

Duffy – Stepping Stone
they bring you back to my life again.
I put on a face(난 기쁜척 하고 있어요) just like a friend.
But I think you know ~~

Talk Play Learn

Do you remember ~?
Do you remember your first date with her?
Do you remember your first day in Seoul?
Do you remember your neighbors in LA?
Do you remember the recipe for 미역국?

20081224 GMP


Director Scott derrickson believes science fiction continues to provide film makers with a way to entertain audiences but also address important social issues.


팬더: I stayed because I thought If anyone could change me could make me not me. It was you. The greatest kung-fu teacher in all of China.
사부: But I can change you. I can turn you into the dragon worrior. And I will.
팬더: Come on. Tylon is on his way here right now. Even if It takes him a hundres years to get here, How are you gonna change this into dragon worrior?

It takes + 사람 + 시간 + to ~ : 누가 ~하는데 얼마나 걸린다.


I won’t ask for a much this cristmas.
I won’t even wish for snow
I’m just keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe.
I won’t make a list and send it to north pole for saint nig.
I won’t even stay awake to hear those magic sounds.
All I want for cristmas is you.

mistletoe 밑에서 키스하면 사랑이 이루어진다는 얘기가 있덴다.


I was about to ~ : ~ 하려던 참이었다.
I was about to leave.
I was about to call you.
I was about to say that.
I was about to fall a sleep.
I was about to throw it out.
I was about to make breakfast for you.
I was about to buy this one.

20081223 GMP


lay off 임시 해고

When people are loosing their jobs, being layed off, uncirtain about what the economy is going to bring, they turned to higher education.


마스터: I need your help master.
사부: No. you just need to believe. Promise me sifu. Promise you’ll believe.
마스터: Good. My time has come. You must continue your journey without me.
사부: What what wa wa wa. Master you can’t leave me.


I just want you for my own more that you could ever know.
Make my wish comes true. All I want for cristmas is you.


Do you have any ~?
Do you have any luggage?
Do you have any vacancy?
Do you have any change?
Do you have any questions?
Do you have any good ideas?
Do you have any suggestions?
Do you have any specific plans?
Do you have any special reasons?

20081218 GMP


What really makes these bots unique is the technology used to control them. A simple moile phone is all it takes to send the bots on the way.


포: Maybe I should just quit and go back to making noodles.
사부: Quit? don’t quit. Noodles? don’t noodles.
You‘re too concerned with what was and what will be.
There is a sayng. “Yester is a history. Tomorrow is a mistery, but today is a present.”
That is why it is called present.

Pop (John Lennon-Love)

Love is real. Real is a love.
Love is feeling. feeling love.
Love is wanting to be loved.


I don’t watch~
I don’t watch debates.
I don’t watch tv at all.
I don’t watch award shows.
I don’t watch sports on tv.
I don’t watch violant movies.
I don’t watch animated movies.
I don’t watch american tv dramas.

20080829 GMP


male 메이ㅓㄹ: 남자
figure 숫자, 인물, 형태, 정부 자료들을 이야기 할 때 사용.
-cide 죽이다.
suicide 수어싸이드

Government figures show suicide is leading cause of death for South Korean males 18 to 35 and for teenagers. It is the second leading cause.

Screen English

What’s going on?
Where do we start?
With this I guess.
What’s that. Let me see.
No. Not until you tell me what you need to tell me.
Last time we were on the phone, you said the next time we met, you have something you need to say to me.

Pop’s English

To think that that only yesterday, I was cheerful, brighten, and gay(행복한. 하지만 요즘은 쓰면 안 돼.).
Looking forward to who wouldn’t do the role …

Talk Play Learn

Do you mind if I ~ (제가 ~하면 싫으세요?)
Do you mind if I come in?
Do you mind if I come by?
Do you mind if I copy yours?
Do you mind if I add a word?
Do you mind if I blow my nose?
Do you mind if I clear the table?
Do you mind if I use your phone?
Do you mind if I turn on the light?

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진짜야? = You don’t say.