20080626 GMP

스크린 잉글리쉬

I blew the whole case.(=I ruin the everything.) didn’t I?
It doesn’t matter. The important thing is your are alive. You could have died.

오늘의 Expression
When is it?

When is it on? // 언제 방송해?
When is it due? // 출산예정일 언제야?
When is the final? // 기말고사 언제야?
When is the dead line? // 마감이 언제야?
When is your pay day? // 월급 날 언제야?
When is the boarding time? // 탑승 시간 언제야?

Sound Sound Play

D가 양쪽에 오는 경우에 ‘ㄹ’로 발음

Are you kidding me? // 키링
readding, // 리링
wedding, // 웨링
tradding, // 트레이링
speedding, // 스피링
proceedding, // 프로시링

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막다른 곳
= dead end

입이 무겁다.
= I can keep the secret.
= You’re secret safe with me.

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My 2008 will be..

사용자 삽입 이미지
Tommorow is the Korean New Year’s Day. So, I just think about what means this year to me.

First, I’m now in office with Hibernate and Spring OSGi. I have to tell them first, cause they are now looking at me. They will be my best friends. I want to know Hibernate and Spring, and they also want me to study them. So I think we’ll be very good friends

Second. I’m now in office alone. But I’m not lonely and feel compotable. This is my own will. Toby didn’t push me stay in office today. 🙂 Here is very compotable and silent. Very good place to study and to work. So I think I’ll stay more time in office then home. This can be make nurvous my parents, but I’ll explain what’s going on. Because my parents always believe me, I can concentrate on what I want to do.

Third. I will expierience many new things. New countries, New peoples. New thoughts and so on. Every time I meet something new, I used to worry about so much. But I decide to do not worry about what’ll be happen to me. Even if i worried about it, I should have to accept that. So, I’ll not afraid, but study hard to stand all hardships.

I’ll do some interesting works. I manage my time by myself. I’ll not be in a venity. I’ll evolve my skills and expieriences continously. And I’ll lose my weight too. 🙂

Can you belive I can do these? Sorry, I don’t mind what other’s saying.
I believe I can do these and I’ll.

Keesun. Fighting!!!

– ‘여태까지 그렇게 해봤더니, 소용없더라.’ 이건 대체 시제가 어떻게 되는거지;; 복잡해 복잡해.
– Don’t be such a weakling!: 약한 척 하지 말아라.
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